Not feeling like yourself these days?

It could be your hormones.

Women’s hormones are commonly discussed as they age, but men’s hormones also change with age and may contribute to weight gain, fatigue, and erectile dysfunction, and affect your risk for other medical conditions. In this one-hour discussion, Sunjya Schweig, MD, and Tracey O'Shea, FNP-C, will discuss the foundations of men’s hormones, how to address imbalances, and simple strategies to support hormone health. Then, join Dr. Schweig and Tracey as they host a live Q&A to answer your questions after watching the conversation.

What's Included?

  • Webinar

    One-hour prerecorded conversation between two members of CCFM's clinical team. Unlimited replay available.

  • Q&A

    Live Q&A with Dr. Schweig and Tracey to answer questions you may have after watching their conversation. Replay available.

  • eBook

    Download the accompanying eBook to review topics covered during the conversation on men's health.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Men's Health

    • What to Expect -- Start Here!

  • 2

    Men's Health: Understanding and Supporting Hormones

    • Men's Health Webinar (video)

    • Men's Health eBook

    • Men's Health Q&A (Video Replay & Transcript)


Founder and Director

Sunjya Schweig

Sunjya K. Schweig, M.D., is an expert in complex chronic illnesses that require rigorous investigation and management. He has been studying, teaching, and practicing integrative and functional medicine for over 20 years. Dr. Schweig continues to be active in medical education and has served as volunteer clinical faculty at the UCSF Santa Rosa Residency. He currently holds an adjunct faculty position at Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Schweig has lectured nationally and internationally at conferences, hospitals, and universities. At CCFM we are passionate about developing a new ecosystem for helping people with chronic diseases. We envision this system as one that combines comprehensive care from a multilayered care team with best-in-class technology to provide quantifiable data and proven outcomes. Group programs and experiences are a big part of this ecosystem, and we are excited that you are here.

Nurse Practitioner

Tracey O’Shea

Tracey O’Shea is a licensed Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP-C) who graduated from Samuel Merritt University with a Master’s degree in Nursing. She became board certified through the American Association of Nurse Practitioners and was first introduced to Functional Medicine in 2013, when she began her journey through the Institute for Functional Medicine’s certification program. She has trained with the Kresser Institute (ADAPT) program and is an IFM Certified Practitioner. Tracey chose to become a nurse practitioner because it provided her the opportunity to help patients gain control of their health and become active participants in life. Seeing people enjoy every aspect of their health is rewarding. Studying and practicing functional medicine has given her additional tools to ensure that patients get the individualized, comprehensive treatment they deserve. Institute for Functional Medicine Certified PractitionerKresser Institute ADAPT Level One trained Tracey finds that communication is key for all successful and sustainable relationships. She tries to emphasize this with her patients during the first encounter, so that they understand what makes functional medicine different than conventional medicine. She listens carefully to the patient, especially as they discuss their needs and how they fit into a comprehensive, individualized health plan. Tracey hopes that she gives her patients motivation to live healthier, more fulfilling lives. Her goal is to help them understand the pivotal role they themselves play in designing and carrying out their treatment plan for health optimization. She is grateful for the opportunity to work with the California Center for Functional Medicine and is honored to be part of this journey.

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