What You'll Learn:

  • Protection

    Inhalation of wildfire smoke can cause serious health problems. We'll show you how to limit your exposure to harmful toxins, purify your indoor air, and protect your respiratory system.

  • Nutritional Support

    We provide ways to add specific foods to your plate that help to protect your body from harmful air pollutants, reduce your toxic burden, and support detoxification pathways.

  • Lifestyle

    Discover ways to boost your immune system, protect your airways, and increase your energy levels by using practical tools found right in your home.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter 1: Wildfire Season and its Harmful Effects

    • Introduction to Wildfire Season and Smoke Support

    • Blog: Harmful Health Effects of Air Pollutants from Wildfire Smoke Exposure

  • 2

    Chapter 2: Smoke Protection

    • How to Protect Yourself from Smoke Exposure

    • Smoke Protection Resources and Links

    • DIY Air Filter Instructions

  • 3

    Chapter 3A: Lifestyle Basics for Respiratory Support

    • Steam Inhalation, OMT Therapies and Movement

    • How To: Steam Inhalation

    • Osteopathic Home Exercises for Lung Support

    • Breathing Techniques for Lung Support

  • 4

    Chapter 3B: Nutrition

    • Phytonutrients & Antioxidants

    • Nutritional Supplement Recommendations

    • DIY: Broccoli Sprouts

  • 5

    Chapter 3C: Detoxification & Hydration

    • Detox Practices

    • Resources for Detox Practices

    • Water Contamination and Filters

  • 6

    Chapter 3D: Restorative Sleep

    • Circadian Clocks & Sleep Practices

    • Resources for Better Sleep

  • 7

    Chapter 3E: Nervous System Support

    • Stress Reduction Practices

    • Stress Reduction Practices and Resources

  • 8

    Chapter 4: Supplements, Vitamins, and Herbal Remedies

    • Nutritional Supplements & Additional Remedies

    • Recommended Dosing & Other Remedies

  • 9

    Chapter 5: Evacuation Tips & Takeaways

    • Evacuation Tips & Program Takeaways

    • Evacuation Tips & Resources


Health Coach

Katie Compton

Katie believes in the power of connecting the mind, body, and world around us to maintain optimal health and create balance within. As a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach she seeks to help people strengthen the mind-body connection in order to support the nervous system and build greater resilience to stress. Katie leverages the science of health behavior change to help people live their healthiest lives possible.